Tuition and Expenses


Higher education in Italy is largely subsidized by the government. This applies to both foreign and Italian students. Thanks to that, all students enrolled at the University of Pisa are only required to pay an annual enrollment fee (Tassa di iscrizione). The amount of the fee depends upon the country of origin of the student and can vary from a minimum of about € 250 to a maximum of about € 2100 per year. In most cases, foreign students pay tuition fees close to the minimum.

The MSSE scheme, which has been especially designed for the attendance of international students, complements the basic program of the Laurea Magistrale in Aerospace Engineering by offering to its participants a number of additional elements:

  • a comprehensive set of services specifically intended for international graduate students, which includes assistance for the following:
    • application and admission
    • immigration formalities (visas, residence permits, etc.)
    • first guidance for transportation, first accommodation, etc., upon arrival in Pisa
    • networking with European aerospace industry and/or research institutions for placements/thesis work
    • access to later doctoral programs in Pisa, Europe or elsewhere
    • career development in the European aerospace sector
    • extracurricular activities (sports, leisure, culture, tourism, travel, etc.), through UniPi’s facilities
  • the integration in the advanced research environment of Sitael, a former spin-off company of the University of Pisa, featuring a unique set of laboratories and facilities in Europe in advanced space propulsion and other space-related areas.

Click here for up-to-date information on tuition fees and financial support.


The average student’s yearly budget for living and miscellaneous expenses is estimated to be:

  • Accommodation and utilities (single room per month): 12 x € 350 = € 4200
  • Board (365 x € 5 at the student dining facilities) = ~ € 1800
  • Books and supplies = ~ € 300
  • Health and dental = ~ € 500
  • Total = € 6800

Of course, the above figures may change according to the individual’s lifestyle. The University maintains a listing of available rooms, apartments, and houses in Pisa.